Our Work
Our Work

RCS Model for Cross Functional Collaboration regarding Safety Planning is grounded in the following steps:

Define client’s expectations;

Assess and determine the safety needs;

Evaluate personnel strength;

Review current assets;

Conduct unbiased surveys to determine the populous' safety perception of the campus;

Review departmental budget;

Conduct an assessment of the campus landscape and/or footprint to identify ingress / egress issues;

Ascertain building and facility plans;

Interview the students, facility and administration;

Interview stakeholders (small percentage from each department);

Report findings;

Assist with the acquisition of resources, equipment, etc.;

Spearhead stakeholder engagement to bring ALL partners and decision makers to the table;

Create a strategy for consistent and lasting communication and information sharing among stakeholders;

Collaborate with the client to develop a comprehensive strategy to organize processes, align resources and implement safety practices;

Draft the safety plan;

Brief all stakeholders for Buy In purposes;

Implement plan;

Conduct training;

Recommend seminars;

Conduct 2 follow-up visits (first 6 months / second 6 months) to assess progress.

Our Work