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In America’s current climate, the Nation’s facing acts of violence that are occurring unexpectedly, encompassing violence and carnage with devastating outcomes. Even more shocking, is the fact that the United States has experienced exponential increases in school shootings resulting in and creating fear and anxiety regarding sending our students to places we previously considered as safe spaces for learning. With this being our reality, we MUST place proactive strategic security measures and strategies in place to identify, mitigate and respond to potential threats that has the potential to tragically impact the campus environment. This is where Reimagined Campus Security (RCS) can assist by providing insightful and creative strategies to assist you with avoiding tragic outcomes if you encounter situations that may adversely impact your campus. Most importantly, we want to provide you with tools to assist you with preventing the encounter from occurring!



Conduct a comprehensive assessment of campus challenges and conditions that could potentially compromise campus safety resulting in identifiable threats.


Develop proactive processes and protocols to effectively avert threats while ensuring action plans are in place to appropriately address threats that arise.


Provide our clients with the knowledge, skills and ability to mentally and physically react to threats while ensuring the continuity of operations on campus.

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